The Psychology of Project Leadership Masterclass

Look at project management in a brand new way through the lens of Personal Intelligence. Gain a different perspective on the project management tools and techniques you already know and explore the minds of your stakeholders and team members.

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This program consists of 12 separate modules that examine the essential soft skills project managers need to do their jobs. A few things make this program different and exciting:

  • This program goes into specific, technical details (e.g., "quantitative risk management", "sequencing activities") and uses carefully paired psychological models to explore them (e.g., "cognitive reconciliation", "resilience").
  • All content in this program is based on decades of scientific study and peer-reviewed research.
  • For the first time, you can measure a broad range of soft skills and use the measurements to improve your performance.

What is Personal Intelligence?

  • Emotional competencies

    Predicting success begins with an understanding of the rationale behind each decision and behaviour.

  • Motivational competencies

    How we set goals for ourselves and influence those around us to achieve them determines our direction.

  • Social competencies

    But we need the help of others. That means we need to be able to navigate challenging social situations.

Masterclass modules

(Rollout schedule is approximate)

Most modules contain 3.5 hours of content, and explore a specific Personal Intelligence competency in depth. You will learn:

  • how each competency works
  • conditions in which each competency can break
  • applications for each competency that suit the project management space
  • a reframing of the PM tools and techniques you know from the point-of-view of each competency

You will gain this intelligence from multiple perspectives.*

Emotional Communication
Performance Readiness
 Motivational Influence

*All modules are currently sold individually.

Altogether, each of the modules listed above add up to 100% of the PDUs for a full three-year cycle as specified by the Project Management Institute's talent triangle (image adapted from the PMI's website).

Partial feature list

We have absolutely packed this Masterclass
with valuable, actionable content

  • Downloadables

    Get access to dozens of fact sheets, working Excel files and worksheets.

  • Pre- and post testing

    Assess your Personal Intelligence before and after the full program to view improvement.

  • Academic studies

    Gain the benefit of almost 1000 peer-reviewed studies from academic journals.

  • Quizzes and tests

    Test your personal intelligence knowledge with 50 quizzes and assessments.

  • Certificate of completion

    Collect 35 PDUs for your time and earn a certificate of completion.

  • Lifetime access

    You will have lifetime access to each of the courses you purchase and get free updates.

Meet your instructor

Geoff Crane


Geoff Crane

A. Geoffrey “Geoff” Crane is a Canadian public speaker, researcher and entrepreneur. As with a lot of young professionals, when Geoff began his career he had little experience to draw from. Unceremoniously thrown into a job as project manager, he was forced to navigate on his own through the job’s uncertainty and the interpersonal conflicts that arose between competing stakeholders.

Bringing these hard lessons to academic life, Geoff has become a thought leader studying emotional intelligence within the project management space. He recently graduated from Trent University with a Master's degree in Applied Modelling in Quantitative Methods and the President's Medal for his extensive outreach work.

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These courses have temporarily been discontinued. 

We're planning to re-release these modules at a later time. If you'd like to know more, contact Geoff at