Psychological Mindedness

Have you ever noticed that some people are just a lot more intuitive than others? These people pick up on subtle details and make connections between ideas quickly and easily.

This module explores project management through "psychological mindedness": the ability to think about, prioritize and appreciate the implications of emotional information.

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Five key perspectives

All examined through the lens of project management

  • Self-awareness

    Consider your own emotional experiences in the broader context of your project.

  • Temperance

    Prevent the build-up of toxic anxiety and manage yourself during project execution.

  • Critical thinking

    Adopt policy frameworks with ease and effortlessly manage project quality.

  • Social responsibility

    Keep an eye on the greater good while developing scope and earn stakeholder respect.

  • Fairness

    Build a project culture your team members love without falling into common traps.

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About your instructor

Geoff Crane


Geoff Crane

A. Geoffrey “Geoff” Crane is a Canadian public speaker, researcher and entrepreneur. As with a lot of young professionals, when Geoff began his career he had little experience to draw from. Unceremoniously thrown into a job as project manager, he was forced to navigate on his own through the job’s uncertainty and the interpersonal conflicts that arose between competing stakeholders.

Bringing these hard lessons to academic life, Geoff has become a thought leader studying emotional intelligence within the project management space. He recently graduated from Trent University with a Master's degree in Applied Modelling in Quantitative Methods and the President's Medal for his extensive outreach work.

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